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operaio auroflex che controlla l'impianto di stampa
operaio auroflex che controlla l'impianto di stampa
The beauty of an Auroflex label lies not just in the materials we use to produce it, but also in our ability to orchestrate all the various factors with great originality, aided by some of the market’s most innovative printing techniques and tools.
Combined printing
Our production plants are able to print bespoke self-adhesive labels in a single pass, on the production line itself, to the highest quality standards with the flexible use of combined printing techniques including flexography, offset and screen printing, thermal lamination, varnishing and thermography. At the same time, quality control devices throughout the production process check that printing steps are performed correctly and in line with the required graphic design.
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Digital roll printing
This printing method is highly suitable for labels, especially in very small production batches, and provides excellent colour accuracy standards. What’s more, our digital printing systems are able to produce rolls of labels with custom features, such as small design details which bestow originality on standard products, or consecutive numbering, making the packaging unique and exclusive for the consumer.
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With our innovative, latest-generation machinery, at Auroflex we are able to embellish both combined and digitally printed labels by bonding or applying a variety of materials to create original overlapping effects and make labels even more attractive.

In a single production pass, we produce self-adhesive labels with a wealth of embellishments including:

Thermal and cold lamination: application of the thinnest of films, available in a wide assortment of colours, bonded to the self-adhesive label by means of a cliché plate. Three-dimensional effects can be produced with thermal lamination.

Embossing or debossing: techniques which produce high or low reliefs on labels with the aid of specific equipment.

Engraving: an embellishment technique which creates bespoke textures.

Braille: creation of a three-dimensional effect which can be read by people with sight impairments.

Gold doming: three-dimensional effect created with relief screen-printing, using a special foil.


Screen printing: ink applications that highlight specific details of the label, which may be in relief (Braille effect available in glossy, matt, glitter and sandpaper version) or flat (in matt and glossy version).

Varnishing: application of glossy and matt varnishes, which may be overprintable.

Pantone® colours also available in Uncoated, Coated and Metallics (gold and silver effect) versions.

Cutouts: creation of openings which reveal the surface underneath the label.

Plastic lamination: application of a clear, matt, glossy or soft-touch film to protect and embellish the label.

Bonding of different types of papers and printing media.

Consecutive numbering.

Paper and print media
Auroflex has a wide range of raw materials, selected from the best suppliers on the market. The choice of materials for use will depend on a large number of factors, including the product category, the packaging technology used, application conditions and the message the packaging is intended to convey. To meet these multiple demands, Auroflex has established partnerships with the markets’ top players, their expertise and professionalism widely recognised right around the world, who are able to provide it, on a daily basis, with inputs for new printing solutions to make every label unique.
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Some types of paper we use:

FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) media: sourced from forests managed on an environment-friendly, socially useful, environmentally sustainable basis.

Eco-Friendly Media: recycled or made partially or entirely from fibres other than paper.

Conventional Media: natural, metallised, coated, glossy.

Barrier Media: ideal for wine and beer labels to guarantee resistance to damp conditions and contact with water.

Greaseproof (Oil Repellent) Media: ideal for products which might come into contact with greasy or oily substances, thanks to the stain-resistant coating which provides an extra-strong barrier.

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