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Auroflex: The future of self-adhesive labels with NilPeter's new FUSION technology.

Auroflex: Il futuro delle etichette autoadesive con la nuova tecnologia FUSION di NilPeter.

At Auroflex we care about innovation and we invest in our company every day in order to be able to guarantee our partner companies that the production of self-adhesive labels on reels has the highest quality standards. Today we have decided to invest in an even more efficient and innovative future, thanks to the installation of a new printing machine: NilPeter's FUSION . This technology will allow us to offer our customers an even more positive and satisfying experience.


The new MO-Line FUSION is the most advanced printing machine acquired so far and represents a real step forward in the world of high quality offset printing.

This customized combination of analogue and digital printing technologies ensures unmatched label quality , whether you are printing in large volumes or printing in small batches.

It is a machine with a high level of automation , which minimizes manual interventions and guarantees faster set-up times and a reduction in waste at start-up.

Greater possibilities for customizing the labels

Another advantage of FUSION technology is that it allows us to offer partner companies a wide range of options for personalizing their labels .

The FUSION press allows us to produce high quality labels, with sharp colors and fine details. This means that our customers can obtain labels that represent their brand in an effective and attractive way , thus increasing the satisfaction and engagement of the end customers.

We at Auroflex are proud of this step forward and we look forward to continuing to improve, to best meet the needs of the companies that have chosen us for the production of their self-adhesive labels on reels.

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