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The innovative printing technologies of Auroflex: self-adhesive labels in reels with a unique visual and sensorial effect

Le tecnologie di stampa innovative di Auroflex: etichette autoadesive in bobina dall'effetto visivo e sensoriale unico

At Auroflex we produce self-adhesive labels in reels using the most innovative printing technologies. Thanks to this approach, we can offer our customers a wide range of customized solutions and unique products to meet their specific needs. 

For example, Auroflex creates labels made using different supports , such as velvet .  

Thanks to the technology that allows this result, we can offer our customers customized and high quality labels, which stand out for their originality and refinement. 

Make your labels unique with Auroflex

This technology recently adopted in Auroflex allows us to create customized self-adhesive labels by coupling different printing materials.  

We always assist our customers in selecting the most suitable supports for the coupling, since we must be sure not to create difficulties in the final product labeling phase. 

A material that is certainly interesting to use for printing a self-adhesive label on a reel is velvet, which allows you to obtain a unique visual and sensory effect. The packaging will certainly be very distinguishable and captivating for consumers. 

At Auroflex we believe that the implementation of this technology is an important added value for the labels we produce. 

Innovative technologies for your labels 

At Auroflex we are always looking for new technologies and new materials to improve the quality and efficiency of our productions. 

Thanks to our passion for innovation and our attention to detail, we can offer our customers high-quality, customized solutions that meet their needs and exceed their expectations.  

At Auroflex we are proud to offer innovative and cutting-edge printing technologies, which allow us to create unique and high quality labels. 

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