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Label control system

Sistema di controllo delle etichette

Label control system in each machine line of the various production lines

At Auroflex we use a label control system in each production machine to be able to guarantee an error-free product. We put all our attention into the printing of self-adhesive labels and are constantly striving to ensure the highest quality of our products.

How the control system in Auroflex works

Each printing or finishing machine has a camera that 100% scans the labels that are printed . This allows us to have a fully automated inspection system for our printed matter. When the label image is captured, the system compares that image with all others that are created in the stream. By doing so, we are sure that each label is printed in the correct format and that what has been produced corresponds to what the customer requested.

The control system of the labels that we apply in Auroflex is connected to a central server which allows us to verify the layout of the image and all the information on the enhancement of the label .

Once the inspection system receives these images from the server, it will show them on video to the operator who will be able to visually check what is being printed.

If the camera registers any errors, a report is created which, sent to the packing station, allows the operators to make the final check. At Auroflex, each customer is guaranteed to obtain perfect labels every time: we are proud to have adopted this system which allows us to guarantee the highest quality of our products and to better satisfy the needs of our customers.

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